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We have 5+ Years of experience in Wedding Photography

The Soulmate is an experienced & Best Wedding Photographer in West Bengal that is committed to enhancing customer satisfaction. We have a lot of experience in Candid Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Photography & Bengali Wedding Photography.

Our best photographers are highly experts in clicking both personal and professional photographs. Not only in photography, but The Soulmate is equally equipped in Corporate Film, Anniversary Film and Cinematography. Over the years Naicy sets the benchmark as the best photography in Kolkata.

Sumon Malla

We provide the best services

We try to create a beautiful wedding journey using our wedding photography services and creative ideas to provide you with the best form of wedding tale.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers often have specialized expertise in capturing the emotion, beauty, and unique details of weddings. They may use a range of techniques and equipment, such as high-end cameras, lighting equipment, and drones, to create stunning photos and videos.

Pre-wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photography services are a great way to capture the couple's journey leading up to their wedding day, and to create beautiful photos that can be cherished for years to come. It's important to choose a photographer who understands the couple's vision and can help them feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

Engagement Photography

Engagement photo shoots are a great way for couples to celebrate their engagement and create beautiful photos that can be used for save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, and social media announcements. They can also serve as a fun and memorable experience for the couple.

Experience Timeless Elegance: Your Journey to Forever Begins Here. Explore Our Stunning Portfolio!

The Soulmate's Signature Touch

Meet Our Creative team

We specialize in both Wedding and traditional photography. We are a team of young professionals formed by a young & energetic.

Sumon Malla

Founder & Lead Photographer

Abhishek Mondal


Bishal Das

Lead Photographer

Rakesh Dhibar


Client feedback

We understand that in our competitive industry, it takes hard work, loyalty, and true creativity to stand out above the rest. If you want to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with our services, take a look at some of their testimonials below.


aditya das

Sudeepto Bhakat


Plan the most beautiful and memorable bengali wedding couple photography with us and get an amazing discount of 30%.


Call for Price

  • Photography with One 20 Pages Album
  • 200 Photo Clicks
  • 25 Best Advanced digital edited images
  • 25 Pictures will be Given in Pendrive, Email & Whatsapp
  • Photography with One 20 Pages Album


Call for Price

  • Photography with One 20 Pages Album
  • 400 Photo Clicks
  • 40 Best Advanced digital edited images
  • 40 Pictures will be Given in Pendrive, Email & Whatsapp
  • Intro Video


Call for Price

  • Photography with One 30 Pages Album
  • Planning of the Shoot
  • 90 Best Advanced digital edited images
  • 1000 Photo Clicks
  • Pendrive, Email & Whatsapp
  • Into Video
  • 16 professional comp card

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Address: New Egara , Raniganj , Raniganj, India, West Bengal


Phone: +91 90642 66209